Telescopic ladders

About Our Telescopic Ladders

The basics are easy – a telescopic ladder is a type of ladder that can be collapsed into a smaller size when not in use, making it easy to store and transport. Each of our ladders is made of several sections that slide easily together, allowing them to be extended to reach a certain height, or retracted for convenient storage. Telescopic ladders are great for use in tight spaces and can reach from three to five times their original size. 

We have a 2.6m Soft Close Telescopic Ladder, a 3.2m Soft Close Telescopic Ladder, and a 3.8m Soft Close Telescopic Ladder.

Our soft close ladders are the type of ladder that uses a hydraulic cylinder to slowly and safely lower the ladder when it is opened and closed, allowing for safe and easy retraction.

Our ladders are also EN-131-6 standards compliant.