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Free UK Next Day Delivery (Excluding highlands and islands)



Welcome to the RackitDirect blog page, your ultimate destination for all things related to material handling equipment and tools. We are committed to providing you with the latest product information, insightful tips, and best practices to ensure a seamless experience when it comes to step ladders, sack barrows, telescopic ladders, sack trucks, platform trolleys, and more.

As a leading UK manufacturer, we at Rackit Direct pride ourselves on offering a wide range of trucks and trolleys, including heavy-duty sack trucks, convertible sack trucks, stair climbing sack trucks, and electric powered hand carts. Our extensive selection caters to various load capacities, from lightweight sack trucks and luggage trolleys with 75kg and 100kg loads, up to heavy-duty mobile flatbed trolleys and board trolleys with 150kg capacities.

In addition to our diverse collection of sack trucks and trolleys, we offer an assortment of step ladders, step stools, and safety steps, perfect for both business and home use. Our kick steps, multi-purpose folding hand trucks, and aluminium sack trucks are designed with convenience and safety in mind, ensuring you have the right tool for every task.

Discover our range of platform trucks and trolleys, featuring stairclimbing capabilities, pneumatic tyres for smooth navigation, and heavy-duty folding options for easy storage. Our aluminium sack trucks, puncture-proof folding sack trucks, and trolley trucks with pneumatic tyres offer unmatched durability and versatility.

Browse our selection of specialised handling equipment, such as drums and barrels, shelf trolleys, tote pans, and gas bottle storage solutions. We also offer a wide array of hand carts and trolleys designed specifically for office and business use, ensuring that you have the perfect solution for every material handling challenge.

Stay updated with the latest product releases, industry news, and expert advice by following our RackitDirect blog. We are dedicated to helping you make the most of our innovative products and expanding your knowledge in the world of trucks, trolleys, and material handling equipment. Join us on this journey and discover how RackitDirect can help improve your efficiency, safety, and productivity today.