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Maximuv Folding Trolley Cart with Adjustable Handle, Heavy-Duty Wheels for Beach, Camping, and Garden - Collapsible Wagon for Festival, Shopping, and Fishing - Multi-Terrain Pull Along Utility Wagon

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TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load!

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

Transform the way you transport your essentials with our premium foldable trolley—your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures and home use. With its effortless foldability, you can switch from packed to ready-to-go in mere seconds, leaving more time for what really matters. Our wagon is meticulously crafted with a robust steering system and an adjustable handle, ensuring ease of navigation on any terrain—be it the sandy shores of a beach or the rugged paths of a campsite.

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

Spacious Strength for Every Haul

The robust solution to your hauling needs with unmatched capacity and strength. Boasting dimensions of 90cm by 54cm by 30cm, this foldable utility wagon is engineered to accommodate a voluminous 130 litres. Whether you're carting garden supplies, sports equipment, or groceries, the TugTroly ensures you can transport a substantial 120kg load with ease. The practical design is coupled with a collapsible structure for convenient storage, while the resilient fabric and sturdy frame assure long-term durability. Perfect for outdoor activities, professional landscaping, or simply as an indispensable family utility, the TugTroly is your go-to for carrying larger loads effortlessly. Its vivid visibility is not only stylish but also adds a layer of safety for dusk or dawn activities. Maximuv TugTroly is not just a wagon; it’s a versatile powerhouse, ready to simplify your tasks and amplify your efficiency.

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

The Pinnacle of Durability & Design

Discover unparalleled reliability with the Maximuv TugTroly, a paragon of robustness in the utility wagon domain. Designed to tackle the rigours of both indoor and outdoor use, this trolley is the perfect amalgamation of strength and efficiency. Constructed with a heavy-duty frame, it's capable of supporting and transporting hefty loads without wavering. Ideal for warehouse operations, office relocations, or home renovations, the TugTroly effortlessly carries bulky boxes, substantial equipment, and hefty supplies on its smooth-rolling wheels, ensuring stability over various surfaces, from carpets to concrete. This trolley stands as a testament to the durable and innovative engineering that Maximuv is known for, promising longevity and performance. With its striking design and unparalleled structural integrity, the TugTroly is the smart choice for businesses and individuals who demand the best in load-bearing solutions.

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

Compact Folding Trolley

The Maximuv TugTroly is highly portable. This design folds into a slender profile of 30cm x 28cm x 71cm, embodying the essence of space-saving without sacrificing durability. It's an ideal companion for city dwellers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone with storage constraints. The included zip bag not only protects the trolley but also ensures it remains inconspicuous and protected when not in use. Despite its compact form, this trolley doesn't compromise on strength, with a structure crafted to transport substantial loads. It’s perfect for urban commuting, grocery shopping, or as an accessory for weekend adventures.

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

Engineered for Precision and Endurance

Navigate with confidence using the Maximuv TugTroly, featuring state-of-the-art wheels built for precision and durability. These robust wheels are designed to conquer any terrain, from sandy beaches to rugged garden paths, ensuring your cargo arrives intact and on time. Measuring 17cm in diameter and 6.5cm in width, the TugTroly wheels support a seamless 360-degree turn radius, providing unparalleled control and maneuverability. Enhanced with strong, reliable front brakes, the trolley stays stationary even on inclines, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are secure. This attention to detail confirms the TugTroly as the ultimate utility wagon for both everyday tasks and adventurous exploits. Built to withstand the elements and the test of time, the Maximuv TugTroly's wheels are not just part of a product; they are the moving force behind a more efficient, effortless transportation experience.

Maximuv Garden Trolley: The Pinnacle of Garden Efficiency

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

Experience the epitome of garden convenience with the Maximuv Garden Trolley.
This robust, all-terrain garden cart is expertly designed for avid gardeners and landscapers. With its durable frame and easy-glide wheels, it's perfect for transporting soil, plants, and gardening tools.
The trolley's collapsible design ensures that it is space-efficient, making it a breeze to store in your shed or garage. Crafted to support up to 120kg weight and 130L volume, our garden trolley streamlines your horticultural tasks, allowing you to focus on cultivating the perfect outdoor oasis.
Ideal for carrying everything from potted plants to heavy bags of mulch, the Maximuv Garden Trolley is your ultimate gardening ally. Simplify your gardening today and invest in this indispensable garden utility wagon, a must-have for gardening enthusiasts seeking efficiency and ease.

Maximuv Sports Gear Trolley: Game Day, Made Easy

Maximuv TugTroly - Adventure Awaits - Let TugTroly Carry the Load

Revolutionise your team's equipment management with the Maximuv Sports Gear Trolley, your on-field assistant for every match and training session.
Our trolley is engineered for athletic efficiency, allowing coaches, parents and players to transport all their sports gear in one easy trip.
With its rugged construction and spacious design, it's perfect for footballs, cones, jerseys, and more, ensuring you're always game-day ready.
The sturdy, terrain-adaptive wheels glide effortlessly across grass, track, and court, while the ergonomic handle provides comfortable maneuverability.
This sports equipment cart is not just a carrier; it's a strategic tool to minimise setup time and maximise practice. Lightweight yet durable, the Maximuv Trolley is the ideal solution for sports enthusiasts who value organization, convenience, and reliability. Get back to what you love most – coaching and playing – and let our sports gear trolley handle the heavy lifting. Upgrade your sporting experience with Maximuv, the trusted name in sports equipment transport.

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Washable Lining & Versatile Cord Attachment

The TugTroly introduces a new level of convenience with its innovative corner fastener design. Not only do these allow for the quick removal of the trolley’s inner lining, making washing a simple task, but they also double as secure points for bungee cords. Whether you're carrying garden debris or beach toys, the ease with which you can maintain your TugTroly’s cleanliness is unmatched. Additionally, these fasteners are engineered for versatility, allowing you to secure your load with bungee cords or cargo netting, ensuring everything stays in place, no matter the journey.

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TugTroly’s Secure Attachment: Safe Transit with Robust Fasteners

With the Maximuv TugTroly, your cargo's security is paramount. Equipped with multiple fasteners strategically located on the sides, you can attach bungee cords or cargo netting at two upper and one lower point per side for maximum stability. These robust side fasteners are designed to hold your belongings tightly, providing peace of mind that they'll stay secure over bumps, turns, and stops. From tools and sports equipment to groceries and camping gear, trust in the TugTroly’s built-in fasteners to deliver a smooth and safe transport experience.

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Customisable Handle for Ultimate Control

Experience bespoke maneuverability with TugTroly’s multi-adjustable handle. Tailor the handle height from 65cm to 80cm to match your comfort level, and enjoy the freedom to position it horizontally to suit your pushing style. This adaptability is more than ergonomic; it provides precise control over your load, ensuring ease of handling for users of any stature. Whether navigating through busy markets or the tranquility of a garden path, the TugTroly's handle adjusts to you, offering a personalised touch to utility and convenience.

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Maximuv TugTroly’s Custom Bungee Cords

Maximuv TugTroly enhances your transport experience with a set of four custom-made, 1.4-meter-long bungee cords, crafted for optimal elasticity and strength. Whether you’re packing for an outdoor adventure or simply consolidating your cargo, these bungee cords are up to the task, offering a firm grip without damaging your valuables. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the TugTroly’s built-in fasteners, they are an essential accessory for stabilising your load on any terrain, ensuring everything stays in place from start to finish. You can strap down your belongings confidently, making loading and unloading a cinch while protecting your items against the bumps and turns of travel.