Platform trolleys

Great trolley
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Easy to assemble, well packaged, solid but not too heavy, easy to manoeuvre, can’t fault it. Have been using all week and I am delighted with it.
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Very strong truck, easy to manoeuvre.
Garden Trolly
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Ease of use for pensioner in garden
Flt Lt Badminton-Squash
5.0 out of 5 stars Worth every penny!
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We bought this to move house with, it was perfect for the job, I was going to sell this after the move but it’s so handy I’ve kept it. Great bit of kit! Recommend: Yes (100%)

About Our Platform Trolleys

Our Load-It platform trolleys are a wheeled cart or trolley used to transport items such as boxes, crates, and bulky items. It usually consists of a flat platform with four caster wheels underneath and a handle on one side for pushing or pulling. Some platform trolleys also have additional features such as brakes, rubber anti-skid platforms, and silent wheels. 


Platform trolleys are great for businesses and industries that need to move large, heavy items from one place to another. Our platform trolleys are made from strong and durable materials such as steel or aluminium, making them ideal for heavy-duty use. 


Platform trolleys are also easy to manoeuvre and require minimal effort to move, meaning they are perfect for busy workspaces, warehouses, homes and gardens. There are several different types of platform trolleys to choose from. The most common type is the flatbed trolley, which is designed to carry items such as boxes and crates. 


We have both a 150kg flatbed trolley, and a 300kg flatbed trolley in our range. Our trolleys have a fixed platform and four wheels underneath, making them easy to manoeuvre and strong enough to carry large loads. 


Our platform trolleys are made of reinforced carbon steel. They are easy to store with a foldable handle.


Our large capacity 300kg platform truck trolley is designed for transporting heavier items such as furniture and appliances.


No matter what type of platform trolley you need, our range will meet your specific needs. From heavy-duty trolleys to flatbed trolleys, they are a great way to move items in any workspace.