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Sack Truck FAQs

Why is it called a sack truck?

Sack trucks were originally used in the 18th century to move large sacks of spices on docks by young boys, from the age of 11, who were unable to lift the large sacks by hand.

What type of goods does a sack truck move?

There are many types of sack trucks available now to be useful in a variety of industries or that have been specifically designed to be able to transport certain goods such as large boxes of beer. Many businesses use sack trucks to transport goods around their warehouses or retail premises.

How does a sack barrow work?

The sack truck is a simple tool which does not require special training to operate. It works through leverage, lifting the weight of your load up off the ground by pushing down gently on the long handle.

How much weight can a sack truck carry?

Weight limit – A basic sack truck will have a weight limit of around 100kg, but some are designed to carry weights up to 400kg.