Walking Treadmill | Fast 8.8km Compact Treadmill with Calorie Counter | Thin, Quiet & Shock Absorbing, Wide Running Belt | Powerful 2.5hp motor | Walking Pad, Walking Machine | Portable Home Treadmill


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Our practical treadmill walking machine is the perfect piece of home gym equipment! Get your steps/ workout in to burn up to 3500 extra calories per week. This portable treadmill is easy to store, with two wheels for movement and two anti slip pads to hold firmly in place during use or storage. The high quality slim design takes up no room at all! This small treadmill walking pad easy to store under beds, tables, sofas & upright in cupboards. Sleep Mode: treadmill will automatically switch off after 10 minutes of no use. Handheld remote control to adjust speed and control power of treadmill. Speed is controlled via the handheld remote control to adjust the speed at any point in the workout. Wide running belt; Most treadmills have a narrow 45cm running belt, our treadmill has a wide 45cm running belt for additional safety & a better workout. This flat treadmill comes with footpads to keep it stable. It won’t move during use or once it’s been stored. This treadmill is perfect for home use as its easy to store and doesn’t take up much room. Large HD LED Digital display is easy to read during your workout. Showing all four categories at once: Speed, distance, time & calories burned. Speed controlled by mobile handheld remote control to allow for easy acceleration throughout your workout. The remote control has : A power button (on), Speed increase (+) Speed decrease (-) AND A RED STOP BUTTON FOR EMERGENCY STOP. No need to pause your workout to change the speed. Sleep mode: Treadmill will switch off automatically after 10 minutes of no activity. Always read the instruction and safety manual before use. Size: 150 x 61 x 12.5cm Weight: 31kg Colour: Silver Material: Strong Aluminium Box includes: Treadmill, Power cord, Remote control (with batteries), 2x silicon oil, tool kit & instruction manual

FASTEST IN CLASS – Your home treadmill goes from 0.8km- 8.8km/h for different workout intensities. 8.8km is the fastest treadmill walking machine on offer in the current market for treadmill walking machine, most only reach 6km. The speed, distance, time & calories burned is displayed manually on the LED screen.

SPACE SAVING / EASY STORAGE- The walking treadmill comes with two wheels for smooth transport, making it easy to put away in a few seconds. The mobile treadmill can be stored vertically or horizontally. It’ll easy fit under your sofa, bed, table or in gaps between cupboards.

LOW-NOISE TECHNOLOGY & WIDE RUNNING BELT – Our specially sourced EN 975 European Safety & Quality Certified Standard running machines for home & walking pad treadmill, have a high 2.5HP motor with NOISE REDUCTION technology. The wide 45cm shock-absorbing running base also cushions your back and joints.

LED SCREEN DISPLAY– The High-Definition LED Display screen manually tracks & displays Speed, Time, Distance travelled & Calories burned in real time, and all at once, unlike cheaper products. Speed on our portable treadmill is easily controlled via the handheld remote control. Our walking treadmill speed can be adjusted at any point in the workout.

SPECIAL FEATURES- COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED! Our portable treadmill has a market leading 45cm wide running belt with shock absorption technology. Large & Clear LED display showing Speed, Distance, Time & Calories burned. Using our walking machine will help you lose weight, tone up & burn additional 2000-3500 calories per week, improve cardiovascular health, enhance mental performance!

Dimensions 150 × 62 × 12.5 cm
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