Walki.Dog! Tangle Free 360˚ Motion Control Strong Extendable Dog Lead | Ergonomic 2022 Model | Heavy Duty Extending, Retractable Dog Leashes | Secure Easy to Operate D-Lock System Dog Leads-(Medium)


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Our robust 5m dog lead is strong and retractable, and is tangle free due to it’s nylon ribbon design, which gives a full 360 degrees of free movement around the lead. Forget tangles and snarls!

Your dog has freedom to roam around, while still being under full control with this extendable dog lead!

The handle is ergonomically designed, and snugly fits your hand. It is anti-slip and comfortable, and is made to the highest quality standards. You won’t have to worry about friction from tugs.

And because of our range, you have leads for large dogs, dog leads for medium dogs, and dog leads for small dogs – all sizes of dog leashes.

The brake button is designed for easy use by your thumb – press to pause the travel of the lead, and slide forward to lock the length, or backwards to unlock. The rest of the time your dog can roam freely.

The dog leash also retracts easily and quickly, allowing you to simply reel back 5 metres of length smoothly.

This lead is designed to last through the rigours of dog ownership, with a reliable mechanism, and tough materials – and also has a 24 month warranty!

Strong Retractable Dogs Leads for All Sizes of Dog!

Three Sizes for Your Dog Lead : Dog Leads for Small Dogs below 16kg, Dog Leads for Medium Dogs below 25kg; and Dog Leads for Large Dogs below 50kg. Full Extendable Dog Lead and Retractable Dog Lead

Dimensions 21.00 × 14.00 × 4.00 cm
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