StepIt 3.8m Telescopic Ladder with stabiliser bar Extendable Ladder Multi-Purpose | 3 Year Warranty | Folding Ladder with Stabiliser | Telescopic Ladders Extendable Ladders | 150kg EN131-6


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Stabilised Telescopic Ladders From Rackit

3.2m | 3.8m

About the ladders

Part of the “STEP IT” range, Rackit’s sturdy, stabilised aluminium telescopic ladders are an essential tool for any professional or DIY homeowner. The lightweight and stable ladder is easy to transport and set up. Simply pull up a section of the ladder and wait for a “click”. This sound signifies that the step is locked into position and safe to mount. For safety, make sure both left and right locks are in place before ascending.

Whether you are changing a lightbulb or need to fix something on your roof, the telescopic ladder comes in 2.6m, 3.2m and 3.8m, 3.2m+stabiliser & 3.8m+stabiliser.

Who we are

With a combined experience of over 100 years, clients have come to trust Rackit for our skilled advice, response time, design layouts and range of products such as racking, shelving, lockers, conveyors and supplementary products to enhance their workspace. From our head offices located in the idyllic Scottish countryside and regional offices around the UK, we have built our reputation as one of the leading storage solutions specialists in the country.

DURABLE AND STRONG: Our ladders are built from AVIATION GRADE 1.5mm thick Aluminium, which is thicker than the competition, and is completely rust proof. Folds to a tidy 80x48x8cm, and extends all the way to 380x48x8 cm.

RELIABLE AND BUILT TO BE SAFE – EN131-6: Our ladders are built to professional standards, for high use and durability. They do not bend like other, weaker ladders. They are also simple to extend and retract.

ADJUSTABLE TO ANY HEIGHT FOR EVERY JOB : The latches for each rung allow you to extend the ladder in 30cm increments to reach your desired height easily and safely, holding up to 150kg in weight.

EASY TO OPERATE : Pull a section up, and the “click” sound confirms the ladder is safely locked. To retract each step, simply disengage the secure safety latches on both sides, and the step will descend. The telescopic ladder is suitable for any job – indoors or outdoors, cleaning, maintenance, decoration, home or office use!

MULTI-PURPOSE LADDERS : Perfect for indoor housework and outdoor activities, window cleaning, garden work, loft access and much more. This telescopic ladder is a must-have.

Weight 10.66 kg
Dimensions 86.00 × 47.00 × 9.00 cm
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