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Benefits of a Weighted Hula Hoop for Adults / Hula Ring: Improves your aerobic & cardiovascular health Reduce abdominal fat Reduce fat around hips & waist Increase core muscle mass Burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes Features of the Weighted hula-hoop : 3 adjustable sizes (6 sections, 7 sections, 8 sections) Suitable for Kids & Adults Inner hoop designed with contoured ridges for a more intense core workout Durable material for long life fitness equipment The fitness hula hoop weighs a solid 1kg Specifications for Fitness accessories: Weight : 1kg Colour : Pink & Grey Brand : Rackit Fitness Package dimensions : 40 x 20 x 7.8cm Ideal fitness gift for men and women!

ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS POTENTIAL – With this weighted hula-hoop, you have the ability to burn up to 300 CALORIES from just 15 minutes of weighted hoop workout. Reach your fitness goals – weight loss, toning up, improving posture or strengthening your core!

FUN EXERCISE – Made from the best durable neoprene foam, lined with a soft inner ridge, and designed for a longer workout & intense core workout, you can spin and hula your way to a flatter toned core! Using our fitness hula hoops is an effective way to exercise & achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

PREMIUM MATERIALS FOR COMFORT AND SAFETY – Your Weighted hula-hoop comes with an contoured inner hoop with a ridged wave design to enhance core workout. It can be adjusted – 6 sections for 73 cm diameter, 7 sections for 84 cm diameter and 8 sections for 95 cm diameter.

ADJUSTABLE & PORTABLE – The exercise hula hoop can be adjusted to be used by kids (6 sections), teens (7 sections) or adults (8 sections). Easy to store or take on-the-go. Perfect for reaching your fitness goals or weight loss goals anywhere at home or in the gym! Ideal weight loss equipment for home

RIGOROUSLY TESTED– This at home fitness equipment will last for years due to it’s durable & strong design. The weighted hula hoop weighs 1kg and is the perfect product to achieve greater fitness and health, and your weight loss & core strength goals.

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