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  • LED Nail Polish Dryer for Gel & Acrylic | Professional Spa Fast Curing Light | 72 Watts


    Bullet Points:
    ⦁ SALON STYLE: Get a professional finish for manicures and pedicures with this UV nail lamp. Made for spa treatments, you can dry your nails quickly at home whether you are using gel or acrylic applications
    ⦁ GIVING YOU SAVINGS: Create your own salon experience with less effort, time and cost. Cure five fingers or toes at once using the inbuilt 36 LEDs. With a 50 000 hour lifespan you will never have to replace lamp beads
    ⦁ DESIGNED FOR EXCELLENCE: The lamp is semi-closed to protect your eyes and curved to ensure that your nails will dry evenly, including the sides. The base is attached using magnets so it can be removed easily when cleaning the dryer
    ⦁ FAST DRYING: The UV lamp is simple to operate with 4 smart timer settings. Choose between 10, 30 or 60 seconds or the special 99 setting (low heat mode for 30 seconds, medium power for 20, then full power for 49 seconds for complete drying)
    ⦁ INTELLIGENT FUNCTIONS: The sensors will automatically start the lamp when your hand or foot is placed inside. When you take them out it will turn off, so you won’t worry about the lamp being left on

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  • Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun | Adult/Baby


    Bullet Points:

    ⦁ DIGITAL THERMOMETER GUN: Our non-contact infrared digital thermometer is suitable for adults and children. The lcd display shows your temperature within a second!
    ⦁ LCD DISPLAY: This thermometer has a display screen with a ‘traffic light’ warning system: green, amber and red. Green indicates a normal temperature, amber a low fever, and red warns of high fever.
    ⦁ NON-CONTACT MEASUREMENT: The non-contact thermometer gun uses infrared technology so there is no physical contact with a person’s forehead – making it hygienic and preventing cross-infection between people
    ⦁ PORTABLE DEVICE: Our Rackit thermometer is compact and perfect for home, gyms, schools, football clubs, bars and restaurants, and anyone who needs to quickly and efficiently measure temperature. This thermometer has 32 memory stores to compare previous temperature readings. It takes 2 AA batteries, and the auto shut-off feature ensures long battery life
    ⦁ WARNING INDICATOR: Get consistent and accurate readings whenever you need it. An audio warning signal helps identify when the person has a high fever.

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  • SPO2 Blood Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate Monitor with LED Display & Lanyard


    Bullet Points:

    ⦁ FINGER PULSE OXIMETER: The pulse oximeter allows you to measure your pulse rate and the saturation of peripheral oxygen (SpO2) in the blood. The finger pulse is reliable and accurate – within ± 1% precision
    ⦁ PORTABLE DEVICE: This lightweight device is suitable for people of all ages who want to monitor their physical condition on-the-go. To use, simply switch the oximeter on and place your finger in the chamber and wait a few seconds for results
    ⦁ MULTI FUNCTION: In addition to the other features, the finger pulse oximeter also measures Pi (perfusion index) which measures the strength of blood flow to the finger. The device also comes with alarm function to warn you when your SpO2 and pulse rate are abnormal
    ⦁ ENERGY EFFICIENT: The oximeter has a simple one button operation, and it automatically switches off in 6-8 seconds. It has a low energy consumption, with batteries lasting a long time. There is also a low battery indicator on the device. This oximeter takes 2 AAA batteries
    ⦁ BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Track what is happening in your body over time. The finger pulse oximeter is Bluetooth enabled and can wirelessly transfer data to your phone through the Oxycare app, which is free to download

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